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Hardware and Asset Management Program

An Asset Management Tool (AMT) is a tool for managing user computers such as desktops and laptops. Its main use is for installing and updating software, and performing inventories of licensed software. Technology tools such as these allow processes to be automated for efficiency, enabling IT personnel to provide better services with equal or diminished resources. Additionally, MSU Denver Business Services needs accurate information about licensed software usage to verify license compliance, to mitigate risk of legal liability, and to effectively negotiate with software vendors.

MSU Denver’s Hardware & Asset Management Program represents an effort to better account for the computing devices and applications owned by MSU Denver. This Program offers improved data for financial and technical decision-makers while streamlining select systems administration tasks, yielding an enhanced end user experience and reduced IT workload.

MSU Denver ITS has selected two well-known commercial applications for use within the MSU Denver technical environment: Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and JAMF Casper.  The SCCM platform will serve Windows-based devices, while Casper is designed to support the Mac platform. Each tool represents a best-in-breed solution that is used by thousands of organizations worldwide – including thousands of educational institutions.

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