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Hardware Services

To ensure that MSU Denver faculty and staff have the technological tools they need to fulfill their role at the University, ITS provides software, computers, and other equipment. ITS also manages various data centers and servers that provide the infrastructure for MSU Denver’s network. Supports Student and Academic Success and University Resources.
Click the links below for information about the services related to hardware services that ITS offers.

Temporary Laptop Request

SPECIAL: Request a temporary laptop to help complete your work during the coronavirus health crisis. ITS and Student Affairs are working together to do our best to support technology requests for students, faculty, and staff, but please note that quantity is limited and we cannot guarantee all requests can be met.

Accessibility Hardware & Software ?

Learn about the hardware and software provided by MSU Denver's Access Center.

Desktop Computer Hardware

Learn about computer hardware provided by MSU Denver and how to request new or replacement equipment.

Device Management

Learn about how your University-provided computing equipment is managed.

Equipment Checkout

Borrow various types of computer equipment.

Equipment Disposal

Request to have computer equipment recycled or removed.

Network Jacks

Request the installation or activation of network jacks.

Printers, Copiers & Multi-Function Devices

Order a multi-function copier/printer from MSU Denver’s Ricoh USA representative.

Server & Data Center Administration

Learn about our servers and the ITS Data Center.


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