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Write Off's Hold

A write off hold  is either a Balance Due hold, a Collections hold, or both.  Student accounts are written off if they are more than one academic year old and have not had a payment to the account within 1 year.  The balance is still owed to the school by the student, however they are written off for accounting purposes only. Delinquent accounts are turned over to the State of Colorado Central Collection Servicesin accordance with Colorado law, and collection costs will be added to your account balance. The collection agency reports delinquent accounts to the national credit bureau on a monthly basis.


Hold Resolution

You must contact the Office of the Bursar immediately to determine your account status and advice on how to have your account balance resolved.

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Office of the Bursar

PO Box 173362
Campus Box 92
Denver, CO 80217


Office of the Bursar

Student Success Building, Suite 150 (#4)


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