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Code BD

Balance Due Hold

This hold is placed on all unpaid accounts without exception.

Delinquent accounts will be turned over to the State of Colorado Central Collection Services in accordance with Colorado law, and collection costs will be added to your account balance. The collection agency reports delinquent accounts to the national credit bureau on a monthly basis.

Students whose accounts have been sent to a state collection agency must pre-pay for any subsequent semester classes´╗┐ at the time of registration. Transcripts will not be issued for students with an outstanding balance. Diplomas will not be released to students with an outstanding balance.´╗┐

Hold Resolution

Contact Office of the Bursar immediately to determine your account status and advice on how to have your account balance resolved.


Office of Bursar

Student Success Building, Suite 150 (#4)


Fax: 303-556-4647


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