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Accounts & Identity Management

To protect the University’s financial, academic and employee information, ITS manages the various student, faculty and staff accounts to ensure that the proper access is provided for the various systems as needed based on each person’s role at the University. The single sign-on system allows access to various systems using one username (NetID) and password. Supports Student and Academic Success and University Resources.
Click the links below for information about the services related to accounts and identity management that ITS offers.

Accounts & Identity Management

Learn how your MSU Denver account credentials are managed.

My First Login

Find out what your NetID and initial password are.

My NetID & Other Accounts

Find out how to access University systems and services using your NetID.

Password Reset

Manage your NetID password using our Password Reset Program.

Security Awareness & Alerts

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and what to do if you think your MSU Denver account has been compromised.  

Single Sign-On

Easily access many University systems and services.

System Permissions

Request access to various University systems.


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