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VPN Migration


A recent audit of the MSU Denver Virtual Private Network (VPN)—the University's current solution for allowing students, faculty, and staff to access internal MSU Denver technology resources from outside the MSU Denver technology environment—found that this service can no longer support the University's growing infrastructure and security needs. After investigating alternatives, Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented a solution called GlobalProtect, an application provided by Palo Alto Networks that provides the same remote functionality as the MSU Denver VPN, as well as new features that will allow ITS to better support the University's needs and better maintain the security of the MSU Denver technology environment.

This initiative is closely tied to our current Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) initiative. To ensure the security of MSU Denver information and resources, access to GlobalProtect will only be granted to users who have MFA enabled on their MSU Denver Office 365 account. Please visit our Multi-Factor Authentication initiative page for more information.

GlobalProtect allows verified users to connect to and use certain services off-site that they would otherwise only be able to access while directly connected to the MSU Denver technology environment. Please see the Resources section below for information on how to use GlobalProtect.



GlobalProtect has already gone through extensive testing within ITS and is ready for adoption by the MSU Denver user base. ITS has begun an email campaign notifying current VPN users of the migration to GlobalProtect and giving them the option to opt-in to the new service (along with enabling MFA on their account). Users will have until October 1st to opt-in to the new service before their VPN access is removed, but they will be able to request access to GlobalProtect at any point thereafter.

The MSU Denver VPN remained active alongside GlobalProtect during the migration period, but was phased out on November 1st.





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