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SI Sessions are welcoming, inclusive, fun, and informal. Students participate in collaborative activities that help deepen understanding of the course content while developing effective learning and study strategies. SI Leaders plan and lead SI Sessions, so the group stays focused and organized. We encourage activities that are engaging and useful, which means you might even find yourself playing games like Jeopardy to review for an exam while making new friends from your class! 

SI will help you learn useful strategies to study more efficiently and focus on the most important concepts for the course. Students who regularly participate in SI Sessions earn higher grades in their courses. Students who participate in SI report feeling more comfortable participating in class, more confident as a student, and more connected to others on campus.

The above charts are from MSU Denver Business Intelligence Unit’s February 2020 Report “Supplemental Instruction Analysis: Fall 2016-Fall 2019."


Check out the SI Session Schedule to see which courses are supported by Supplemental Instruction.

SI Leaders are students who have previously succeeded in the course they support. They attend all of the classes for the course, are trained in group facilitation and learning techniques, and plan and lead fun and collaborative SI Sessions.

  • “My SI Leader was absolutely amazing! They were very helpful and passionate and had some great tricks to help us remember content. Without attending their SI Sessions I most definitely would not have passed the class.”
  • “My SI Leader gives good study tips for exams, provides practice problems relevant to the class, and provides helpful ways to remember terminology.”
  • “They care about your success in the class and are a truly helpful resource if students are looking to pass the class, especially for me coming in as a freshman. Someone having experience helped me understand.”
  • “It helped me a lot that the sessions are very interactive and that we reviewed what we saw in class as well as reviewing for the exams.”
  • “We did a lot of hands on things and practice tests that I thought were very helpful, and then we reviewed what we got wrong. [SI Sessions] were interactive and fun, while learning at the same time.”
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