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Students Accessing Financial Empowerment (SAFE) is a collaboration of MSU Denver students, alumni, faculty, and staff working to provide the entire university community with actionable strategies and resources for financial empowerment.


Our goal is to deliver an accessible collection of realistic tools and strategies for your informed financial agency. We're here to provide you with the potential for success in all things money management!

In addition to providing tools and educational content on our website, we’ll be offering workshops and events on campus designed to help you navigate topics like paying for college, budgeting, student loan repayment, and more.

We're working hard to get up and running for the Fall 2019 semester. In the meantime, we'd love to hear from you. Do you have suggestions for how we can better position our students and university community for financial success? Contact Us! 

Upcoming sessions:




$AFE is growing, and we need your voice and experiences to help shape our future initiatives.


STUDENTSWhat questions do you have about money and higher education? Do you feel comfortable navigating your options for paying for school, budgeting, and understanding how much your education will cost? What needs do you see unmet, and how might we better help you obtain financial success? Are there any resources or tools you use and would recommend to other students? Would you be interested in contributing to future initiatives as we work to build financial empowerment for our campus community?

FACULTY AND STAFFWhat questions or concerns do you regularly receive, and how do you advise students who bring these issues to you? Are there any resources you regularly direct students to or rely on yourself to navigate financial barriers? What needs do you see unmet on campus, and do you have any suggestions for how we might better position our students for financial success? And finally, would you be interested, or know of any students or student organizations that may be interested, in contributing to future initiatives as we work to build financial empowerment for our campus community?

Please send your experiences and suggestions to

Did You Know?

The FAFSA Mobile App has arrived!

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