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Computer Lab Policy:


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I. General Policies and Guidelines
II. IT Internal Policy: Printing Services
III. User Account Policy

I. General Policies and Guidelines

  1. Only MSU Denver students are permitted to utilize the MSU Denver computer labs. All exceptions are stated in The User Account Policy. Accounts expire when the student is no longer registered for classes beyond the census date.
    The lab technicians at the front desks represent the school and are the first line of authority in the MSU Denver computer labs. Their judgments should be respected as school authority. The first level of appeal is the lab supervisors.
  2. No food or drink is allowed in the labs. This includes all open and closed containers.
  3. The Computer Lab Printers are only to be used with paper provided by the Computer Labs. Students are not allowed to use their own paper or transparencies, nor take paper from the printers.
  4. Hardware and software not working correctly should be reported to the Lab Attendant at the front desk immediately.
  5. Computer stations equipped with special hardware like scanners must be made available to students who need to use this equipment.
  6. Students are responsible for their own personal belongings and equipment. Do not leave anything in the Computer Lab unattended for any length of time. The Computer Labs are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Be courteous to other students and refrain from talking on your cell phone in the Computer Labs.
  8. All Computer Labs are equipped with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant Computer stations which must be made available to students with special needs.
  9. Lost and found items will be immediately taken to the Lost & Found in the Tivoli Student Center (TV 269).
  10. Computer stations and printers in the Computer Labs are there to support schoolwork. Computer stations and printers are not for general entertainment, personal or commercial use.
  11. Save your work frequently in order to prevent data loss.
  12. Bicycles are not permitted in the computer labs.

II. IT Internal Policy: Printing Services

The student computer labs are provided as an important resource to MSU Denver students to access university software, University e-mail, and to complete course assignments and projects. Printing in student computer labs is provided for MSU Denver students in support of their academic coursework. Lab printers may not be used to print course materials such as textbooks, handbooks or large research articles (over 20 pages). The course-assigned faculty member and academic departments provide the appropriate course materials students require when taking their class.

In order to maximize printing services in the labs for all students, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each print job must be limited to 20 pages or less.
  • To print a larger job, split the print job into multiple sessions of 20 pages or less, or copy the file onto a removable disk and take it to a copy center (Ricoh, located in Tivoli 211).
  • Do not print any flyers or advertisements unless they are part of your class assignment.
  • Wireless printing, and printing from laptop stations is now available:
  • Only paper provided by MSU Denver Computer Labs is allowed in the lab printers.
  • Each student has a balance of $25 in printing credits at the beginning of each semester. Each print job deducts 5 cents per black and white printed page and 10 cents per color printed page. When funds are less than $5, more print credit may be added to the student's account using a pay-station. Pay-stations are located at AD 260, WC 244, TV 225, PL 307, and SI 1058.

Lab techs have the authority to cancel any print jobs that do not comply with the above restrictions.

For questions, please see the lab technician on duty or a lab manager in CN 220

III. User Account Policy

  1. Network accounts for the WINAD domain will be managed by Information Technology of Metropolitan State University of Denver (IT). Accounts will be maintained as long as the student's status is "continuously enrolled" (as defined by the University), which also includes on-line students, except for those accounts that fall under the exception policy.
  2. Exception Policy
    The exception policy will apply to those students, sponsors and other groups affiliated with the University. These accounts will be created at the beginning of each semester and will expire at the end of each semester.
    These accounts include:
    • Non-MSU Denver students enrolled in pooled courses
    • Emeritus students
    • Sponsored accounts
    • Local user accounts
  3. User Password Policy
    Only the individual account owner can change her/his passwords. If an IT employee must reset a user's password, the user will be required to change her/his password at the next logon. Students will be assisted by IT.
  4. If IT staff observes compromised passwords (for example, default passwords, a cracker's sniffer log, routine network monitoring, or the user has shared the password) the user's account password will be disabled and the user will be required to change their password.
  5. An audit of account usage may be performed at any time in order to check appropriate usage.

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