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Adaptive Software Services

The Access Center through collaboration with Information Technology Services is transforming adaptive technology access for students with disabilities.

Effective August 2, 2013, the Access Center will discontinue operation of its small computer lab in favor of offering more inclusive services across the campus.  Each MSU Denver lab is equipped with the same software that was available in our lab in the Access Center.  Here is a link which contains the locations and hours of all the labs on campus, Student Labs

Each computer in the MSU Denver lab is equipped with the same adaptive software that was available in our lab in the Access Center. 

Inclusive labs will have the following equipment for checkout:

  • Sound Cancelling headphone

‌Low Vision Stations:

Locations: Science 1058 and Tivoli 225

  • Oversized monitors
  • Zoomtext keyboard
  • Scanner or CCTV

Dragon Booth:

Location: Tivoli 225

  • Dragon headphones

Adaptive Software :

Read & Write Gold LogoFeatures of Read&Write Gold:

  • Can improve Reading Fluency and Comprehension
  • Facilitates Research, Writing, Studying, and Test Taking
  • Integrates with Mainstream Applications
  • Encourages Independence and Inclusion
  • Provides UDL Tools that Benefit ALL Students across all RTI Tiers
  • Prepares Students for Success in College and Careers
  • Editing tools


  Zoomtext logo     Features of Zoomtext:

  • Low vision user or an easy screen reader
  • Crystal clear text at all magnification levels up to 36X
  • A reader that will read aloud anything on your computer screen including web based materials


   Jaws Logo 12.0    Features of JAWS:

  • Full range of screen reading and screen magnification software, notetakers, braille displays, and other devices for blind and visually impaired computer users.
  • Access  education, and job-related applications for browsing the Web, reading or writing e-mail messages, working with spreadsheets, or accessing information in a database.
  • This software is the product of choice for blind and visually impaired people


Training for software and equipment will go through Access Center and Testing Services office. Please contact them to make an appointment with the Adaptive Technology Specialist (303) 556-8387.

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