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The health institute is a collaboration of 10 MSU Denver departments that serve students entering health-related fields. This collaboration will advance health equity in the state of Colorado through diversifying the health workforce and cultivating a whole-person approach to wellness. Developing health in Colorado by breaking barriers, empowering communities, fostering collaboration and embracing diversity.

Psychological Sciences
Health Professions
Human Performance and Sport Human Services
Social Work
Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences


Student Board of Health Ambassadors (SBHA) 

WHO WE ARE: An alliance of 20 students from 10 Health Institute departments, the Student Board of Health Ambassadors (SBHA) aims to act as a direct channel for MSU Denver health students’ questions, concerns and ideas to efficiently reach administrators and come to fruition on campus. The interdepartmental collaboration nurtured through SBHA activities aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration to transcend campus into the health workforce through illustrating its values in action, while simultaneously supporting Ambassador organization, creative, and communication skills building through immersive leadership experience in preparation for their careers.   

OUR MISSION: Revolutionize Health through creating leaders that cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration, amplify diverse student voices, and continually inspire innovation with the Health Institute at MSU Denver. 


  • Representing Our Peers: Our duty as Health Ambassadors is to amplify fellow health student voices within MSU Denver health education, and to help support bringing ideas for change and innovation to fruition on campus.
  • Innovating from Experience: As current students in health and behavioral health, we bring our unique perspectives, diverse identities, and intersectionality’s to the table when pursuing our goals every academic year.
  • Creating the Health Institute: The SBHA's foremost responsibility is to serve as a comfortable, understanding, and direct bridge between MSU Denver health students and Health Institute administration.

Get Involved!
SBHA will host events to help students get involved and connected with their ambassadors and departments, as well as interdepartmental collaboration. Join us for our first virtual event to introduce all the ambassadors as well as continue the communication of diversity, and what that looks like in the path of your healthcare path! This will be on Nov. 5, time to be decided later. Stay tuned for more info from our website and Instagram.