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Roadrunner Student Survey on Sexual Violence

By Carole Goddard, Title IX investigator & student conduct specialist

Every other year, MSU Denver launches a student survey on sexual violence to better understand the scope and nature of sexual violence at MSU Denver and on the Auraria Campus. This survey will provide us with important data that will allow for the identification of areas in need of improvement. It will also help us create actionable goals in order to improve campus safety and culture around sexual violence and harassment.

We need your voice!

By taking the survey, students provide valuable insight in experiences, perceptions, and ideas about campus safety, interpersonal violence, and wellness. Results from the survey give MSU Denver important information about our campus climate and will help us in our efforts to ensure that the environment at this school is safe for students. Your voice is important! The Campus Climate Survey is open and accepting submissions from MSU Denver students until Apri 30.

Here’s some important things to know about the survey:

  • It’s anonymous. Your responses won’t be linked to any personal or identifying information.
  • It only takes about 15-30 minutes. In the time it takes to watch a sitcom on Netflix, you can provide valuable feedback to help improve your community!
  • There are incentives for completed submissions. Students who complete and submit responses will be eligible to win one of many Amazon giftcards or a one day parking validation for the Auraria Campus.

All students received the Roadrunner Student Survey on Sexual Violence via email on April 9 from the Dean of Students, Braelin Pantel. You can search “Roadrunner Student Survey on Sexual Violence” in your inbox, or take the Roadrunner Student Survey on Sexual Violence now!

The survey closes Tuesday, April 30, at 11:59 p.m. Be sure to start, complete and submit your survey before then! 

Help us make our campus a safer place by sharing your voice and experience with us!