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RTD CollegePass Suspended for Fall Semester

MSU Denver and its partner schools on the Auraria Campus agreed to suspend the RTD CollegePass beginning May 18, 2020. This means that none of the three institutions will assess an RTD fee for the fall semester, and students will not be able to use their campus-issued RTD pass during the period that the program is suspended.

This decision was made because RTD does not allow for an opt-in CollegePass program. Therefore, MSU Denver does not have an option to assess the fee and provide the pass to only those students who have on campus courses. The decision to waive the fee was meant to be a cost-saving measure for most students. 

Please note that RTD does have an income-based pass option directly. See RTD LiVE for more details. And, if you’d like help applying for this or otherwise find yourself in a bind without any other financial options to support your school-based transportation needs, get a hold of the Student Care Center (click through on the left sidebar for contact information). The case managers in that Center can talk you through any other available resources to help during a tough time—inclusive of help applying for the LiVE program that RTD offers.