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Ace your speech with help from the Presentation Lab

By Samuel Jay, associate professor of communication studies and associate director of the Honors Program

The Presentation Lab is located in Central 112 and offers a full range of services meant to help students across campus with presentation preparation, including one-on-one coaching, guided practice, outline review, slide deck and notecard support, and brainstorming help. Students sit down with a Communication Studies faculty member for 30- or 60-minute sessions based on their needs and come away from each visit more confident and more prepared to effectively deliver their presentations.

It's a great opportunity for all students in all majors.

There are several ways for students to reserve a coaching session, including:

  1. Via our Bookings page at,
  2. By clicking the "Book Now" button on our Facebook page (, or
  3. Via the bio link on our Instagram profile (@commstudiesmsudenver or