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Sharpen skills, learn something new and boost your resume with LinkedIn Learning

Whether you want to brush up on your coding or data analytics skills, start a project management business on the side, or highlight communication and leadership skills on your resume that aren’t obvious from your job history, LinkedIn Learning can help.

MSU Denver students and alumni have free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform integrated into the professional social media network LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning has more than 14,000 digital courses on topics such as 21st-century skills (collaboration, communication, project management, leadership), programming languages (C++, Java, HTML5), big data (data gathering, database management, analytics, visualization), business skills and more.

Students looking to diversify their resumes can easily add skills outside of their major, while alumni moving up from entry-level jobs can take management courses to help advance their careers.

“This gives student and alumni access to a vast library of course materials,” said Matt Griswold, associate vice president of online learning at MSU Denver. “And it’s always growing – there’s about 50 courses added each week.”

Once you complete courses, you can add them to your LinkedIn profile – demonstrating your skills to hiring managers while showing your willingness to take the initiative and continue learning.

“Users will get recommendations for other courses; once completed, these will auto-populate in their ‘skills’ profile section,” he said. “Additionally, headhunters and employers have access to LinkedIn recruitment software that searches LinkedIn accounts, and MSU Denver community members will now market themselves through a more detailed and comprehensive inventory of skills within their profiles. Used properly, this becomes a resume highlight reel, searchable by global employers.”

Students, click here to active your LinkedIn account to the LinkedIn Learning platform. Alumni can request a license by clicking here.