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University working on new model of investing in students

MSU Denver is adjusting the way it collects tuition to better serve students and ultimately help you stay in school and graduate sooner.

The University will be phasing out the tuition window, which allows students to take up to 18 credit hours for the price of 12over the next four years based on student feedback from the past year. The majority of students weren’t utilizing the window, and those surveyed said they would rather see more scholarships and services for all students than a discount for taking a fifth or sixth class per semester.

“Potentially, we could use some of that $8.5 million to ramp up wraparound support services,” said George Middlemist, Ph.D., associate vice president for Administration/CFO and interim vice president for Administration. “We are trying to improve retention, to help students manage life circumstances that prevent them from being in the window, and to get students to graduation; it’s not about driving up tuition but driving up support.”

The intent is for the University to remain flexible, strategic and responsive in order to minimize the impact on students throughout the transition. Any revenue generated will go through the University’s standard budgeting process with oversight from the Budget Task Force, which includes student representation. 

MSU Denver has long been a leader in high-value education in Colorado and will continue to do so by investing in students more strategically. The University is projected to come in 11th out of 12 public four-year institutions in the state in costs and fees once the window is fully closed. The Board of Trustees affirmed the changes at its December meeting, with more information to come later in 2019 about exciting new resources for students.