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Enrolled for fall classes?

We get it. Sometimes life gets in the way of school. But we’re here to help, and we’ve got answers to some common reasons for putting off registering for classes.

Reason: I’m new here and am not sure where to go.

First things first: Welcome to MSU Denver! If you’re a transfer student, email or call 303-556-3774. If you’re new to college altogether, try Roadways Orientation at or 303-615-0770.

Reason: I’m still trying to pass my spring classes.

That’s OK! We want you to pass too, and there are tutors who can help you do so. Visit the Tutoring Center in JSSB 220 on weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., reach out to or call 303-615-1919 for help.

Reason: I’m too focused on Game of Thrones to sign up for classes.

You can actually kill two dragons with one night king here, as MSU Denver is offering its first course on “Game of Thrones” in Fall 2019. Vincent Piturro, chair of the film and media studies minor, is bringing Westeros to Auraria, so you can actually get college credit for obsessing over your favorite TV show. As of May 1, the class is waitlisted, but Piturro says when enough students join the waitlist he’ll open additional sections.

Reason: There’s a hold on my account.

The Registrar’s Office can help with holds or any problems with the actual registration process. Email, call 303-556-3991, or drop by the Jordan Student Success Building to meet a friendly face in the Registrar’s Office.

Reason: The class I need to take isn’t available.

Roadways Advising can check your degree progress and help you chart a path to graduation on your schedule. The Advising website has directions for making an advising appointment, or you can email or call 303-615-2010 with questions.

Reason: I’m quitting school to become a professional belly dancer.

Good news: MSU Denver also offers belly dancing and other physical activity courses in the Human Performance and Sport Department. There’s no belly dancing major offered, but if you want to get creative, look into the Individualized Degree Program, enroll in some political science courses and try majoring in “diplomacy through dance.”

Reason: It’s all about the money.

If you’re having problems with billing or payments, you don’t have to know the difference between a bursar and a cashier to get help from them. The Bursar’s Office has FAQs, the Cashier’s Office has FAQs, or you reach out to or 303-615-0070.

If the problem is you don’t have enough money, Financial Aid can help you there. Reach out to or 303-556-8593 for help with scholarships, debt management, or FAFSA (or to find out what FAFSA is).

Reason: Life is complicated.

It is! The Dean of Students Office offers resources for any number of life challenges, and they administer the MSU Denver Student Emergency Fund. Stop by Tivoli 311 or call 303-615-0220 to learn more, or go straight to Counseling Center for mental health help or the Health Center at Auraria for physical wellness.