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You tested positive for COVID-19. Now what?

MSU Denver has support to help you get healthy and stay on track to graduation.

Students who test positive for COVID-19 – whether taking classes in person or online – can get medical and personal support at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

After a positive diagnosis or if you suspect you might be infected, your first step should be to call the Health Center at Auraria at 303-615-9999. The Health Center team will provide expert guidance on medical care and next steps to keep you and those around you safe. 

But MSU Denver’s support for you doesn’t end there.

A COVID-19 diagnosis is often accompanied by a slew of other personal and financial considerations, and you may have questions or needs beyond medical guidance. 

The case managers at the Student Care Center are there to help respond to your unique circumstances. The Health Center team will put you in touch with Care Center professionals, but you can always contact them directly to set up an appointment.

Your case manager will answer pressing questions and help you create a personal plan to deal with challenges you might be facing. For example:

Housing – How do I quarantine if I have roommates or my living situation doesn’t make it possible?

Employment – How will I keep my job if I need to take time away from work to protect others and/or because I’m feeling sick? What if I have lost wages as a result of needing to take time away?

Class and academic commitments – How will I manage the semester if I need to take time away from campus or if I’m unable to engage in my online coursework? What information do I need to share with my faculty? How might my financial aid be impacted if I can’t complete my courses this term? 

Financial – How will I afford medical treatment? How will I cover my bills if I can’t work my full schedule? What about other unforeseen financial impacts? 

Social and emotional health – How will I cope with being isolated as a result of COVID-19? What options do I have to process the stress associated with a diagnosis?  How can I possibly think about school? 

Our case managers are skilled at understanding (and explaining!) academic policies, referring to relevant resources (on and off campus) and providing compassionate support. Let MSU Denver help you manage the unexpected and keep you on track to graduation and your life goals.