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Cool down your summer with these sweet classes

There's still time to register for these courses


Story and photos by Kylie Henson

Looking for a way to cool off your sizzling hot summer? Well, many summer classes started this week and they are the perfect way to keep your mind keen over the break between the spring and fall semesters. You can still register for full-term summer classes until June 12.

Vampire Films (ENG 2810) is a summer 2018 course taught by professor Cynthia Kuhn or professor Christina Angel.1. Vampire Films – ENG 2810

Grab a bag of popcorn and turn your eyes toward the movie screen in a vampire-films course. Join professor Cynthia Kuhn or professor Cristina Angel as they journey though vampire traditions in Western cultures and how they have evolved from the late Middle Ages to the present in written and cinematic forms. The course emphasizes theatrical-released film representations of those traditions, including their intercultural origins and their transmission across national and cultural boundaries.



Stress Management (HPL 1870) is a summer 2018 course taught by professor Summer Sides.2. Stress Management – HPL 1870

Did you feel stressed during the spring semester? If so, you’re not alone. Professor Summer Sides will show you the ropes as she assists students in understanding the elements of stress-induced conditions. By taking this course, you will walk away with a tool belt full of skills that will help you effectively manage your stress.




Social Documentary (JRN 4890) is a summer 2018 course taught by professors Shaun Schafer and Kenn Bisio.3. Social Documentary – JRN 4890

Alongside professors Shaun Schafer and Kenn Bisio, students have the opportunity to travel to Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park and the Colorado National Monument this summer, or if they choose, they can spend five days in Yosemite National Park. While traveling to gorgeous state parks inside or outside Colorado, students will create photos and essays for publication and portfolios while working independently or in teams. Their finished work will emphasize the marriage between text and image, allowing their experiences to come to life in a small book.



Hatha Yoga I (HPL 1970) is a summer 2018 course taught by professor Svetlana Lambroso.4. Hatha Yoga I – HPL 1870

Professor Svetlana Lambroso will accompany students as they explore the world of yoga. This course offers students an introduction to the basic methodologies of asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation. By building the foundation of yoga, students can focus their energy on making their bodies healthier and stronger. One student who previously took the course with Lambroso said, “Practicing yoga has forever changed my life – how I see things, the way I perceive the world around me and how I am going to approach my life from now on. This class has inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself so I can share these amazing moments with other people.”