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Canvas and Back-to-School Checklist

Information below is meant to help students get acquainted with Canvas, the new learning management system that is replacing Blackboard this fall. In addition to this information, MSU Denver also offers a variety of FAQ pages that can help you get started.


FAQ Pages

MSU Denver offers FAQ guidance on how to access Microsoft TeamsCanvasMulti-Factor Authentication, in addition to a quick-start guide to be ready for online learning. The quick start guide provides links to software that's offered for remote learning, a laptop request form for those that need a computer, internet and network access, and more. 


Canvas - The New Learning Management Platform

The University has moved away from Blackboard and is transitioning to Canvas â€“ widely regarded as the top learning management system – this fall. While you won't be able to enter your live courses until Aug. 15, you can log in (through the Student Hub) and update your profile photo and tell people who you are in the biography section.


How to Log In to Canvas

To log in to Canvas, visit the Student Hub and click on "Canvas" under "Web Services." When prompted, log in by using your MSU Denver email address and password. You are now in your Canvas account!


Gaining Access to Live Courses

You will be able to enter your live courses on Aug. 15, two days before the start of the semester. This will allow you to review your courses, check in with your professors on their expectations on remote learning and review the class syllabus before the first day of class. But, please note that faculty will not be actively teaching until Aug. 17. 


Canvas Training and 24/7 Help

If you want to familiarize yourself with Canvas before classes begin, watch this video tutorial. Or, for an in-depth review, complete the "2020 Canvas Student Training" course on the Dashboard within your Canvas profile. If you have questions once classes begin, 24/7 support is available under "Help" in the global navigation bar on the left side of the screen.


Finalize Your Class Schedule 

If you've not finalized your schedule, there's still time to do so! You can view, or add classes to, your schedule through the Student Hub. You can also use the Class Scheduler to help you find classes that fit around your busy schedule. Simply select the courses you need to take, plug in your work schedule, breaks or other commitments, and then choose from the different options what works best for you!


Check Your Class Schedule and Delivery Methods 

Be sure to double check your class schedule and the delivery method for each of your classes to tell how and when to log in for your classes. You can find the delivery method on your detailed schedule under location. If the location says:

    • Asynchronous or online: these methods mean the same thing and they provide the same exact learning experience. This method means you have the freedom to choose when to log in, and that your course does not have regular live sessions. Even though you are not required to meet at a scheduled time, you will need to log in every couple of days to remain engaged.
    • Synchronous: is also an online delivery method, but this method means you're in sync with your professor and classmates. So, you will log in to Canvas at the same scheduled time for a live, online class session.
    • In person: that means your class is face-to-face and on campus. The building where your classes will meet will be displayed under location. Be sure to give yourself enough time to follow the Safe Return to Campus protocols.


Order Your Books Online with Fast, Free Delivery 

In an effort to make purchasing textbooks safer and more convenient, all textbook sales are strictly online only with fast and free domestic UPS shipping. The Textbook Department in the bookstore is closed for in-store textbook shopping.

You can find your book list on the Student Hub.

If you need to buy books before your financial aid funds are available, you may be able to obtain a short-term loan against your pending financial aid award through the Short Term Loan Program.


Get Your Campus ID Badge

The ID Station is now offering online photo submissions for your campus ID badge. Click here to review how it works and what the photo rules are.


Set Up Multi-Factor Authorization 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the MSU Denver Office 365 environment. If you have questions, concerns or need immediate assistance logging in to your MSU Denver accounts, contact the Helpdesk.


Check for Financial Aid Disbursement 

The first round of financial aid disbursements began Aug. 8, so check your account for those funds, or contact Financial Aid scholarships with questions.


Reminder: Tuition Deadline is Friday

A reminder that the tuition deadline is this Friday, Aug. 14. You can pay your tuition through the Student Hub or talk to the Office of the Bursar about payment options to avoid a late fee.