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Do you manage your money? Or does it manage you?

Regardless of your major or your future career, personal money management is a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life if you learn it well. 

The MSU Denver Department of Finance has developed two courses—one for business majors and one for non-majors—in money management that will introduce you to important topics in areas that will become increasingly important as you begin your professional career: insurance, taxes, retirement planning and more.

You’ll have to make decisions in these areas once you graduate; why not learn about them while you’re still in school and make informed choices? We have just a few seats remaining in each section.

  • FIN 2250 Section 1 40422 (Non-Business Majors) meets mostly online June 6 – July 30.
  • FIN 3150 Section 1 40394 (Business Majors Only) meets mostly online June 6 – July 30.

Either course has the potential to be among the most useful and practical experiences of your college career. If there’s still room in your schedule, we hope you’ll join us this summer and take advantage of our convenient online offerings.

Register by June 6.