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Finding the home of academic success

The second floor of the Student Success Building is full of helpful student services you may be missing out on.

By Kristen Lotze

The Auraria Campus has many areas to explore and discover; but with such a large campus, it can be a challenge to find certain offices and departments. Thankfully, the people in charge consolidated by putting as many helpful resources together in one area as possible. You may be asking: “Where is this magical land of information and helpful staff?” The answer: in the Student Academic Success Center on the second floor of the Student Success Building.

The SASC offers a plethora of programs and services aimed at helping students be as successful as possible, including international student support, transfer student success, scholar success, supplemental instruction, the college completion program and the tutoring center.

The aforementioned services are all free to enrolled students, including their main draw – the tutoring center. The SASC offers group or one-on-one tutoring and provides supplemental instruction in courses where students seem to struggle more overall.

SASC Director Matthew Kring says not enough students use the services offered: “Not enough students take advantage, and many may not know that we also offer tutoring in other locations (e.g., the College of Business and Athletics).”

Kring adds: “Not only are the services not utilized enough, but in some cases they’re not used early enough, either; it’s more beneficial for students to start coming in earlier, like around the beginning of the semester, so they have more consistent instruction/assistance.”

While tutoring is the most popular service, the SASC is available to help students in any way possible, offering assistance with filling out the FAFSA or dealing with seemingly unrelated outside issues. With access to various community resources, the SASC can refer students out. Or if a student is not sure where to go, the SASC can help them get where they need to be. “In our opinion, student success extends beyond academics; it includes everything: finances, accessibility to campus, transportation, etc. Everything affects your ability to be successful, so we have connections with all those different areas to help with that,” Kring says.

Because of its diverse staff from different backgrounds and knowledge areas, the SASC has a variety of ways to help and connect with students. If you feel you’re struggling, could use a little extra help with your studies or just want a welcoming place to hang out, consider checking out the SASC. Be sure to tell your friends about the services as well – it’s a great way to get the word out and help them be academically successful too!