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Why a blog?

What's this you say, a blog? Huh? Why? I often find myself wanting to share information with students – or even offer a bit of advice – to students that doesn’t easily “fit” on a departmental website or similar formalized format.

I’d like to think that after 15 years working to help college students succeed I have some nuggets words of wisdom that might be helpful to put out there into the ether. I’m often also amazed by the wealth of information that my colleagues have – whether it is determining the best way to navigate a particularly tricky challenge or learning to lead in a non-traditional format, there’s a wealth of help and support in the minds of the Student Engagement and Wellness team.

We’d like to sit down with each student and help individuals maximize their college experience, but at an institution as large, diverse, and busy as MSU Denver, that’s not always feasible. And so, a blog was born. The idea is simple: Share what’s on our mind to help students be successful.

Within SEW we focus on the personal experience of MSU Denver students. While our colleagues are working through the nuances of helping students finance a college education, register for the right set of classes, or providing excellent academic supports and experiences, our role is in the co-curricular (that’s academic speak for complimenting the academic experience). Learning happens outside the walls of the classroom, labs, or the Blackboard course structure. Likewise, sometimes life happens and impacts one’s best-laid plans for the semester. The SEW team is here for you.

Reflecting on my own college experience, I am reminded of the value of my experiences as a student leader that helped propel me into my first professional position, and also on the significance of the seemingly casual conversations that I had with my friends over a frozen yogurt (I didn’t drink coffee back then?!) far outside of the scope of our classroom lectures. I also think about the importance of getting help from someone competent and compassionate when life flared up and posed what seemed like an insurmountable barrier at the time.

Within SEW we “get” that each MSU Denver student has a unique set of life circumstances impacting their MSU Denver experience and that each of you also has a different set of expectations for your MSU Denver experience. The blog provides a platform for us to share some perspective and offer a bit of advice to our fellow Roadrunners.

Have a topic in mind and want to hear what we might have to say? You can always contact us to let us know what’s on your mind or suggest a topic for us to tackle.

Keep running,

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