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Express yourself at Met Media

By Steve Haigh
Director, Met Media

[M] Met Media, The Student Voice of M.S.U. Denver

If you agree with one or more of these statements, then you might be a good candidate to have your own show on Met Radio:

  • Music soothes my soul.
  • Sports gets my juices going.
  • News is in my blood.
  • My dog doesn’t howl when I sing in the shower.
  • I don’t have an inside voice.

Met Radio, one of the student-run units in Met Media, streams over the internet every day at and the TuneIn app. Student-produced shows run the gamut of interests, from videogames, baseball and politics, to punk rock, hip-hop and techno. In the words of news director Erik Kemp, “This is student radio, where pretty much anything and everything goes. We’re committed to a welcoming environment that encourages students to use their creativity and find their voice.”

Peek inside the Met Radio control room any weekday from 9-10 a.m. and you’ll see Kemp heading up The Daily Met, an hour-long news and commentary program with guests from around campus and inside Met Media. You don’t even have to come inside Tivoli 313. Hallway windows to the control room and studio reveal the variety of characters exchanging ideas and sharing their musical favorites on the stream.

Kemp was taking restaurant orders over the phone in spring 2015 when a customer suggested that his voice would sound great on the radio. Since he was transferring from the Community College of Denver to MSU Denver in the fall, Kemp sought out Met Radio. Now, he’s pursuing broadcasting as a career and excited to recruit other students.

“It’s as easy as taking the initiative to be involved,” Kemp says. “Ninety percent of success is showing up, so just show up and participate in office activities. Give yourself a chance.”

Met Media, known by its distinctive red and blue [M] logo, is a member of the Student Engagement and Wellness / Dean of Students family in Tivoli 311. SEW is an “array of departments and services that help students be their best selves, stay the course, and succeed in school, career, and life. We are your personal support,” the office says proudly on its Student Engagement and Wellness website.

Other SEW offices, such as Student Activities and the LGBTQ Student Resource Center, support Met Media as it engages about 150 students every semester majoring in Journalism, Technical Communications, Broadcasting, Communication Design, Marketing, English, Political Science and other disciplines. Its student-run teams – Metrosphere, The Metropolitan, Met Radio, Met Report and Noticiero TVMET – operate as a learning laboratory in the shape of a media conglomerate.

Met Media students report, write, photograph, broadcast and publish dozens of stories, podcasts, news clips and newscasts every week, and reach thousands of readers, viewers and listeners online at and via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Student sales executives, marketers and graphic designers generate supplemental revenue through ad sales and creative services, and recognition for student work through constructive and inclusive social media marketing.

“I came into this office to start a career and Met Media has provided me with an opportunity to do that,” said Esteban Fernandez, news editor at The Metropolitan. Pacific Obadaiah, associate editor of Metrosphere, agreed, adding, “The thing to come out of college with is a portfolio and the relationships you make in the office.”

Students at Met Media benefit directly from the resources provided by student fees, but bringing news and information to the campus is equally important. Joella Baumann, editor-in-chief of The Metropolitan, takes her responsibilities to the campus community very seriously.

“For someone who may not know about our office, seeing anything from Met Media puts a stamp on their brain about how diverse we are,” Baumann says. “Being the leader of that group, we have the responsibility to uphold the reputation of the campus – be a gatekeeper. We hold that responsibility in high regard.”

Baumann also emphasizes the simplicity of getting published. The Metropolitan encourages readers to write topic-driven columns and letters to the editor. Columns should range from 500 to 600 words. There’s a 500-word limit on letters to the editor. Send your submissions to Be sure to include your name, city of residence, phone number and email. The paper won’t print your phone number and email, but editors will need to confirm your identity to publish your submission.

Far more than an arts and literary magazine, Metrosphere expanded its mission in 2016-2017 by adding cultural coverage and publishing six monthly issues for the first time. More publications mean more opportunities for writers to be published, in print or online.

Throughout the academic year, the magazine solicits 2-D and 3-D artwork, painting, photography, graphic design, poetry, lyrics and fiction, among others, for judging and publication in its epic April issue. The theme of this year’s magazine is Reformation. Deadline for submission is Feb. 28, 2017. Send your work to Visit the Metrosphere magazine submission guidelines page for more information.

Across campus, televisions tuned to Channel 20 show news and entertainment programming entirely created and produced by Met Report and Noticiero TVMET students. English- and Spanish-speaking Denver viewers can watch on Comcast Channel 58. Students interested in television careers should be alert for auditions scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Fall 2017 auditions will be in Aug. 2017, in Studio A at the Auraria Media Center. 

Bilingual students produce Noticiero TVMET several times a month. This eclectic news program is one way that Met Media embraces the strengths and benefits of our diverse community, but our responsibilities to the campus require more. It’s here where we need the interest and participation of MSU Denver students the most. There’s an opportunity for all populations to be represented as show hosts or guests, writers, columnists and/or broadcasters. The hardest part of any task is just getting started, and we’d love to have you take the first step with us.

Acquire the essential practical experience and career skills by joining one of our teams. We offer opportunities for all students on campus to express themselves and a compensation strategy for every MSU Denver student. Go to and fill out an application. Let’s get together to cover the Auraria Campus and Denver’s eclectic communities in myriad ways that are personal and meaningful as well as electronic and entertaining.

Met Media is the Student Voice of MSU Denver. Let us know how you want us to use it.

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