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Tell us how you made your first friend at MSU Denver

Blog ContributorsWith Metropolitan State University of Denver being a commuter campus we often hear that making friends on campus can be tricky.  So we asked three students; Junior Tyler Cherney, Sophomore Tatiana Chavez and Junior Daniel Diaz about their experience with making friends at our school.   

Tell us how you made your first friend at MSU Denver.


Tyler Cherney: The first friend I met at school was my buddy, James. We randomly sat next to each other in our recreation leadership class and got along right away. We were assigned a group project and through that realized we have a lot of the same interests. From there we started hanging out outside of class doing fun things together.

Tatiana Chavez: The very first friends I made at MSU Denver were Daysi Torres and Alondra Macias. We met first semester of freshman year because all three of us were in two First Year Success (FYS) classes together and a a biology class together, which meant we had 3 out of 4 of our first semester classes together. To be honest we got close mostly because of FYS. The schedule we had was one class, a 30 minute lunch break, and then our second class. we began getting close because of that lunch break. We were all new students and didn't have any friends. I remember the first day of class, Daysi invited me to sit with her at lunch so we walked down to the Tivoli, got food, and sat together. As we were eating, we noticed Alondra sitting close by. When it was time to go back to class, all three of us walked together. From that day on we all began having lunch together and choosing each other for group projects. Then later that week we found out that we have a third class (biology lab) together too, so we all sat together and became each others lab partners.

 Daniel Diaz: So I made my first friend at MSU Denver my freshman year at my orientation that was hosted by New Student Orientation over the summer of '12. I remember there were activities and workshops that brought people closer. In these, I made a new friend by them telling me that they wanted to do the same profession I was looking at. Just hearing that other people's thought on the subject opened me up to talk to many other people other than the friend I had just made. 


Do you have any advice for someone on campus that’s trying to make a new friend?


Tatiana: My advice to people on campus trying to make new friends is to get out of your comfort zone and make consistent small talk. Talk to people you sit next to, whether you're just complimenting their outfit or commenting on the class, just break down those barriers, and when you seen them outside of the classroom make an effort to acknowledge them.

 Daniel: Yeah, I agree with Tatiana on this one. On this particular campus, I believe that one of the best ways to make a friend here is to talk to people in your classes. Odds are you can relate to them in many ways other than just the assignments you both have to complete. While I met my FIRST friend in orientation, I met some great people in my classes. Just by finding out they were about as lost as I was in the class… I was able to relate instantly. It is good to gauge what other people are going through just like you are whether that is in the classroom or daily struggles, triumphs, or even adventures and interests. It also helped me achieve a higher grade in the class, which was a definite plus! 

 Tyler: Danny and Tatiana are right. But also, my advice to someone who wants to make a new friend on campus is cliche but it's to get involved! I know not everything is for everyone, but there is so much going on all the time that there is without a doubt something for everyone. I would also recommend being open minded and to try new things. That is one aspect I love about Element. A lot of the people that come out and make our events fun are trying new things for the first time with others. 


Thank you Tyler!  While he is a Student Activities employee, his answer was not a paid advertisement.  If you are interested in getting involved and meeting your new best friend, the Office of Student Activities is available to tell you about upcoming events and opportunities for getting involved. 

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