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MSU Denver Student Activism Resources

Student activism is a powerful catalyst for transformation and social change. Activism can be an effective form of education, raising awareness to help empower our communities, open new ways of thinking, and enabling students and others to confront and solve problems facing our society.

Metropolitan State University of Denver encourages students to be actively engaged in their communities and on issues of importance to them. Accordingly, the University supports students’ rights to engage in activism both on and off campus, including through protests and demonstrations.

Students: It is important for you to know that you can organize and/or participate in protests with the assurance that you will not face repercussions from the University solely for your participation in or organization of protests or similar forms of activism. Participation and involvement in activism and protests are not a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Do note that violations of the Student Code of Conduct that occur as part of a protest or similar event could be pursued for response by the University. 

Note: This is specific to Metropolitan University of Denver and may not reflect any legal proceedings from police departments, including the Auraria Campus Police Department. 

Below are links to resources and tools for students interested in leading or knowing more about planning for various forms of activism, including demonstrations and protests. The staff in the Center of Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion (CMEI) are available to assist students and student organizations interested in planning activities and events for the University community - including forms of activism. Students may contact the CMEI team at or 303-615-0606 to learn more.

Campus Resources

Know Your Rights and Planning Resources

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