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  1. Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

  2. Last minute changes accruing a fee are the financial responsibility of the organization, club or individual making the changes, not the responsibility of the Student Travel Program.

  3. No funding is available for any individuals other than MSU Denver students as this is a student fee funded program.  The program is unable to fund faculty or staff.

  4. A travel advisor is required to accompany students on trips.  This helps to enhance the educational experience of the students, ensure positive institutional representation and participation, ensure proper conduct and handle any emergency that may arise while traveling. 

  5. All students applying for Student Travel funding must read and electronically sign the Student Travel Waiver, Responsibilities and Conduct Form on RoadrunnerLink when they apply for funding.

  6. Each student traveling is expected to abide by the Code of Conduct ( while traveling as a representative of MSU Denver. 
  7. Incomplete forms or non-compliance with any condition of this program could result in refusal of funding for the individual or the organization for the following academic year.

  8. If a student does not travel for any reason and registration, lodging and/or transportation have been purchased, that student is responsible for paying back all expenses to the program. If the student chooses to not pay the program back, that student may have to go through the conduct process.

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