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Graduate School Entrance Exam & Professional Licensure Program

 Take the next step towards your educational and/or career goals with this great resource! The Graduate School Entrance Exam & Professional Licensure Program is a student fee funded resource that provides financial assistance for students looking to complete a graduate school entrance exam (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) or participate in a certification/licensure course or exam. 

Students are eligible to receive up to $400 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  These funds can be used for exam registration fees, graduate school entrance exam preparation courses, or fees for licensure or certification completion.  


***Most graduate school entrance exams are available online during the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order.  More information can be found here.***


Program Guidelines & Eligibility

  • Applicants must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour at MSU Denver at the time of proposal submission
  • Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 
  • Applicants must apply at least 21 days prior to their exam/certification course date
  • Students are eligible to receive up to $400 for their exam/certification course
  • Students are eligible to receive funding from this program once per fiscal year
  • Funds will be held by the chair of the selection committee. If selected, you will work with the chairperson to schedule and pay for your exam
  • Funds will be awarded as they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The program is funded on an annual basis, therefore fund availability will differ year to year
  • All students are encouraged to apply. However, those exhibiting financial need will have funding priority
  • Funds from this program are not eligible to be used for MSU Denver tuition


How to Apply

Complete your research on which exam and/or licensure/certification course you would like to complete.  Be sure to pay close attention to eligibility requirements, dates/deadlines for exams/courses, and cost.

Identify and ask a MSU Denver faculty or staff member to write a letter of recommendation.  You will be required to upload a copy of your letter of recommendation at the end of the proposal form.

Complete the Graduate School Entrance Exam & Professional Licensure Program Proposal Form on RoadrunnerLink.

Once the proposal form is submitted the funding committee will review your proposal within 3 business days.  You will receive an email notification once a decision has been made.  

Once funding is awarded the next step is to work with the program administrator (Dave Bourassa) to purchase your exam or licensure/certification course.  


The Committee bases its funding allocations on the following: 

Thoroughness and quality of proposal materials and completion of all application requirements

Personal goals and academic/career enrichment

How the proposed activity supports the educational mission of the institution 

Faculty/staff letter of recommendation

Compliance with all MSU Denver and State of Colorado Fiscal Rules 

Availability of funds


Questions? Please contact Dave Bourassa,


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