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Jason R. Thompson was named director of diversity and inclusion for the United States Olympic Committee in April 2012. In his current role, Thompson is responsible for creating and managing the USOC's diversity and inclusion initiatives.

A 25-year veteran in the area of diversity and inclusion programs, Thompson previously served as vice president of diversity and community health improvement at INTEGRIS Health in Oklahoma City. Prior, he served as director for the Office of Diversity at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center. He has served on local, regional and national committees for a multiple organizations, including the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, Oklahoma Diversity Officers and Practitioners Consortium, United States Commission on Civil Rights, Advisory Board and the Center for African-American Health.

In 2006, he established the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program (UPP) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, which earned honorable mention for the 2013 Examples of Excelencia for its work to accelerate Latino student success in higher education. The UPP program was recognized for the impact, innovative and the promising approach that it has had
on Latino students.

Thompson earned a master's and bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Wyoming and is a graduate of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School executive training program. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colo., with his wife and their two children.



Maximizing Your Leadership Team
Kaitlyn Huston, Student Government Assembly

Having a strong leadership team is a great way to have and maintain a organization team. With this presentation we will give you three tools to help you build a strong and lasting leadership. When you build off strengths, capitalize on interests, and mentor new members you create a culture centered on organizations best interests. Building off strengths is a great way to utilize what your members already excel at and make those strengths work for the organization.

Transforming from Student to Professional: Writing a Job Search Strategic Plan
Molly Thompson, Rhonda Eaker, Angela Furney, Ryan Campbell, Applied Learning Center

The purpose of this workshop is to teach students how to write a strategic plan aimed specifically at making them as employable as possible after graduation. Key concepts covered will include identifying preferred industries, accumulating appropriate experience, building a professional network, crafting a professional image, creating appropriate application materials, building a professional level portfolio, and making the most out of university experiences and resources. The workshop will focus heavily on customizing a basic strategic plan to address the students’ specific needs and timelines to suit where they are in school. Students will gain knowledge about what opportunities are valued by employers, how to seek out those opportunities, and how to leverage them into professional employment.

Recruiting without Free Pizza and Candy
Diana Ibarra, Student Activities

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The workshop will feature tips and techniques for promoting your organization.  Insights in to tabling and information sessions will be given in addition to ways to attract people to your program and organization based on values and intrinsic motivations. 

Marketing Yourself and Your Org
Morgan Swaney, Student Government Assembly, Student Marketing Association, and Students of Business

I will give student leaders tips and tricks for marketing not only their student orgs and events, but also themselves. I will focus on specific skills that are easy to use and implement for busy students. 2/3 of the time will be utilized by talking about marketing student orgs and events and end with marketing yourself as a professional.

Positive Psychology for LEAD conference
Melanie Trenary, Golden Key

This workshop will discuss the field of Positive Psychology, and how the use of the techniques in this field of study can be applied to both the personal and professional lives of the workshop participants. Emphasis will be placed on teaching workshop participants information regarding the research behind what truly makes us happy, the importance of identifying and utilizing our strengths, the utility of using a "you at your best" story as an introduction tool, and how useful thoughtful expressions of gratitude can be to enhance our interpersonal relationships.

Communication & Conflict
Lisa Nelson, Student Engagement and Wellness

An interactive session exploring communication techniques that enable leaders to manage conflict.  Skill development in active listening and re-framing toxic language.  Enhanced ability to communicate effectively with people in conflict.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Transforming Leadership Through Social Justice
Katherine Miller & Dr. Arlene Sgoutas, Institute for Women's Studies and Services

This interactive workshop will address leadership as it pertains to being involved in social justice and activism. Participants will identify which social inequities they are most passionate about and the steps they can take within leadership roles to become effective agents of social change through a better understanding of systems of oppression. Additionally, participants will practice self-reflection by examining their own personal biases and how those beliefs and attitudes influence their behavior in positions of leadership.

Strategic Organizational Planning and Consulting
Tyler Box, New Student Orientation

Student Organizations and student support programs play a vital role in our campus community. But why is that some organizations thrive while others struggle to stay alive? Everything done within an organization must be done for a specific reason and what is being done must be streamlined throughout the entire organization. Furthermore, organizations need realignment and evaluation every year. Without a concrete foundation, organizational plan, and knowledge on how to identify and fill gaps within these areas, leading an organization can prove to be much harder than it should be and many orgs. will die

Leading & Following | The Questions We Should All Be Asking
Tyler Antikainen, Student-Alumni Association & Student Government Assembly

Utilizing lessons from Simon Sinek's "Leaders Eat Last" and "Leadership & Self-Deception"  this workshop aims to give students the right tools to further enhance their own leadership skills. Through giving students the right questions to ask of their leaders as they start or continue their journey of being a leader here at MSU Denver, the workshop is supported through the heavily researched books previously mentioned. Leading & Following is a workshop for Followers and Leaders alike and different.  I'll be focusing on giving students questions to ask of themselves or of their new leaders through an interactive game and through critical self-reflection. Through utilizing key points of "Leaders Eat Last" and "Leadership & Self-Deception" I aim to give students a summary of some of the key points from both of these books as well as best practices for implementing them in their own lives as well as lead a brainstorm on how to implement them within the larger campus community.

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