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Purpose & Outcomes

The purpose of the Latinx Leadership Summit is to nurture the cultural pride and identity development in the Latinx community on the Auraria Campus.

As a result of participating in the Latinx Leadership Summit participants will:

  • Understand the ways in which their voice, perspectives and experiences impact and matter in the the global community.
  • Develop an understanding of how cultural identity impacts leadership.
  • Engage in critical dialogue and reflection about the ways in which we strengthen our Latinx community on the Auraria campus.
  • Increase skills and awareness of how to be an agent of social change in their communities.

With these efforts we intend to build a stronger sense of community, belonging, leadership capacity, and a sense of activism that permeates our campus and local communities. This tri-institutional summit intentionally commemorates the work of Cesar Chavez and recognizes those in our Latinx Community whose contribution and impact are reflective of his Life, Legacy and Leadership.

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