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ILLUMINATE 2020 brings together MSU Denver students for a one-day experience designed to grow confidence and connections to create change in our local communities.


  • Students who participate in service are much more likely to report outcomes related to leadership such as consciousness of self, resilience, social perspective taking, and hope agency.
  • Students at MSU Denver have positively responded to the off-site experiences and connections to community leaders.
  • The program will be featured as part of the MSU Denver Martin Luther King Jr Celebrations also including the annual Peace Breakfast and the Denver Marade.


  • Bring students at MSU Denver together
  • Increase awareness of Denver-Area resources, organizations, and socially responsible leaders and organizations.
  • Increase awareness of assets in addressing ongoing community challenges

  9:00 AM  Breakfast, Check-In & Teambuilding
10:00 AM  2020 Goals & Leadership
10:30 AM  Rep. Wilma Webb
11:30 AM  Lunch
12:00 PM  Buses Depart for Community Leadership Sites
12:30 PM  Community Leadership & Service Experiences
  4:00 PM  Closing Activities on Campus

MLK leading a march --  2020 MLK Peace Breakfast -- The Act of Fluidity --Push and shaping our future like the graceful movement of water


Representative & First Lady Wilma Webb

Portrait of Wilma WebbAs a distinguished Colorado State Representative, Wilma J. Webb served six terms in the Colorado House of Representatives and among her accomplishments was the introducing and passing of bills to establish Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Long-Term Home Health Care for senior citizens, and Drug Treatment Care for assistance to substance abusers. Her political involvement in civics began as a community organizer to register voters, assist impoverished families, and encourage equality in Education. From 1971-1980, she served as a Democratic Committeewoman, District Captain, and elected Secretary and Editor for the Colorado Democratic Party. In 1980, she was voted in by a vacancy committee to fill an unexpired term for State House District 8. During her thirteen years in the House, she successfully sponsored several substantive bills and served on Colorado’s Joint Budget Committee. When her husband, Wellington E. Webb, was elected as Denver’s Mayor in 1991, she embraced her position as First Lady. Among her work, she chaired the Mayor’s Commission on Art, Culture, and Film, and secured major art pieces for Denver. The Denver Art Museum recognized her contribution to the arts community with a bas relief sculpture of her. In 1998, she was appointed by President William J. Clinton as Region VIII’s chief administrator for the U.S. Department of Labor. She was the first African American woman to serve in these positions. She is a mother to four adult children, and a grandmother. She continues to be a leader and to serve Denver and Colorado.

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