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Fraternities and sororities gain recognition at MSU Denver by complying with each of the following procedures:

a. Annual Registration

Fraternities and sororities must complete an annual registration process by September 1st each year.

Register here:

b. Annual Fraternity and Sorority Town Hall

Each fall, Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will design a short program to orient members to relevant information.

c. Annual Accreditation and Awards

To create more awareness and assessment of our fraternity and sorority community, we require participation in the annual accreditation process. The process is a communication tool for learning ways the organizations align with college mission, goals and initiatives. The materials are designed so that members can reflect on the previous calendar year and set goals for the upcoming calendar year for their organization.

The accreditation program works on a calendar-year cycle:

  • January 15 - Accreditation documents become available.
  • February 15 - Written documents are due to student activities
  • March 1 - Presentations are scheduled
  • April – Student Involvement and Leadership Awards ceremony

d. Ongoing Engagement

Groups are expected to engage on the Auraria campus through participation in fraternity and sorority awareness and unity events and programs. Details on these programs will be shared by the fraternity and sorority advisor at Council of Fraternal Organizations meetings and through email notifications to relevant officers.

e. Membership Minimums

For recognition at MSU Denver, fraternities and sororities must have at least one MSU Denver student. If a chapter does not have a MSU Denver student or cannot complete the other recognition requirements above (a,b, and c), they will be placed on probation for one year. During the probationary period, they will be required to obtain at least one MSU Denver student and complete all recognition requirements for the following academic year. MSU Denver reserves the right to remove any organizations that do not meet the terms of their probation.

2. Suspension and Removal of Recognition

Recognition of a fraternity or sorority may be suspended by Student Activities for failure to meet the expectations outlined in this handbook. The Dean of Students Office is the authority for all MSU Denver Code of Conduct and related processes and will work in conjunction with Student Activities and the fraternity or sorority on violations or potential violations of the Code of Conduct. Officers, Advisors and inter/national organization representatives may be notified as appropriate when a Code of Conduct process is initiated through the Dean of Student’s Office.

3. Limited Recognition for Expanding Organizations

Groups approved for expanding organization status will work with Student Activities on an annual or semi-annual basis to identify goals, structure and support mechanisms to move the group closer to a chartered status with the inter/national organization and a recognized status with MSU Denver. Expanding organizations should abide by all sections of this handbook with the exception of meeting the requirements for recognition.


Fraternity and sorority expansion is driven by student demand and interest. MSU Denver has a role in supporting students who are working to support the goals of the institution while practicing and actively upholding the 8 Common Values of Fraternity and Sorority Life. MSU Denver is committed to an expansion process that values equity and inclusiveness. We operate in a structure that values the history, traditions and uniqueness of each organization and our campus community. Please fill out the form below:


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