Major: Individual studies: International Cyber Space Law & Policy.
Email: [email protected]


I am Dan Giles, a Junior working toward law school. My major is an undeclared Individualized Degree Program (IDP) with a proposed title of Individualized Studies: International Cyber Space Law & Policy.

My major is interdisciplinary and encompasses international relations, law, policy, cybersecurity, and space studies. I am an honors student actively researching national and international policy at the intersection of cybersecurity and space. Additionally, I take leadership seriously through engagement with MSU Denver’s Urban Leadership Program, where service to the community is a core value. I regularly volunteer with Community Ministry, a non-profit working to end hunger and lessen the unmet needs of families in southwest Denver.

I am passionate about empowering people to make their dreams come true. That begins with awareness of and access to MSU Denver’s resources and an affordable housing option near campus. If elected, I will be a strong advocate for affordable MSU Denver housing. The options currently available to students are hardly affordable and too few. Additionally, Financial aid is being left on the table. I know with an initiative that brings awareness to the financial resources available and MSU Denver’s “Road Runner Promise,” more students will be able to make their dreams come true without financial barriers. Let’s reimagine possible with wholesome access to quality education and safe, affordable housing. As a University, MSU Denver should incentivize professors and faculty to transition toward Open-Source textbooks in courses where open-source material is available. An essential factor in providing quality education is ensuring students can access the required books, regardless of their financial situation.

Taylor Lucas
Major: Political Science
Email: [email protected]


My name is Taylor Lucas, I am running for whatever you the voter thinks I will be the best fit for. I am currently serving in my first year on The Student Advocacy Council and have been serving as interim SACAB representative. During my time on TSAC, it has been like working in a zoo, in that everyday is an adventure. I have participated as co-chair of the Student Affairs Board, where I advocated against cuts for the Auraria Early Learning Center. On TSAC I got $2,500 passed for the Road Runner Food Pantry, advocated for smaller/no tuition increases, and led campus sustainability through my green purchasing agreement. On SACAB, I have acted as the chair of the PR committee and built relationships with leaders across campus. Should I get elected, I hope to further my sustainability efforts, create more campus events, and fight for greater affordability. With my knowledge of campus and my experience in advocacy, I hope to have your vote.

You know what I stand for, but you may want to know who you’re voting for. My favorite food is breakfast burritos. This summer, I am studying abroad in Granada, Spain. My boyfriend and I love to go on hikes with my godson Peanut (Peanut is a dog). My hobbies include reading, going on walks, watching movies, and baking for my loved ones. I have a deep appreciation of the outdoors and learning. If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hi!

James Vargas
Major: Political Science & History
Email: [email protected]


James Vargas is an undergraduate at MSU Denver working towards a B.A. in Political Science and History with a primary focus in American Politics. After completing both degrees at MSU, James intends to earn a master’s degree in Political Science. James wants to dedicate his skills and knowledge to public service with an ambition to be the President of the United States.  His primary passions center around education and climate change, and most importantly, bringing a change in the world of politics, by working towards a more perfect union. He is running for Student Advocacy Council because he wants to continue to build the bridge between students and administration. He hopes to be a real voice for all Roadrunners and ensure that they feel that their views matter. In his free time, James loves to spend time with his family, walking his dog, studying Presidents, and gaming with his friends.

Alan Williams
Major: Linguistics
Email: [email protected]


Hello fellow Roadrunners!
I’m Alan Williams, a junior at MSU. My declared minor is linguistics, as well as studying dual minors in philosophy and Spanish.  I am the fourth generation born and raised in Denver. I graduated from Denver South High school, class of 88’, before spending four years in the US Army. I’m a single father of four, two of which have or are attending MSU full time. I had custody of my children (now aged 20-26) throughout their high school years.  I’ve been a member of the Honors Program for several years now, and am active in several clubs, including Linguistics, Philosophy, and also starting a new club- Monsters and Monstrosities. I am a first-generation student. I am also an MSU Denver Champion.

I’ve had multiple jobs and experiences throughout my life that have given me a rich history of experiences, that will help me be a proactive voice and leader for the MSU student body. My first experience living in another country was staying the full summer of 1984 in Davao, Philippines. I’ve also spent time in Panama with the Army in 1989. In more recent years I’ve travelled to Mexico, Iceland and France. Also, I have an urban farm in Denver, registered under Denver’s cottage farm laws. My favorite hobbies are gardening and travel.

I will listen to all roadrunners, and represent your many voices to the best of my ability. Issues I think are important include housing, food, and income insecurity, keeping MSU affordable for all students. Also maintaining a campus where we feel safe not only physically, but safe to express ourselves, no matter our backgrounds. Everyone on this campus deserves their voice to be heard. There is never only one side. I promise to work hard on your behalf.

Sahel Negash
Major: English
Email: [email protected]


Hello student body of MSU Denver, My name is Sahel Negash, and I am a transfer student. This is my first semester at MSU Denver, and I am very interested in obtaining candidacy for one of the councillor positions. I am an English Secondary Education major with a double minor in Africana Studies and Art History. I am interested in being a potential member for the Student Advocacy Council because I would like to be very involved with campus activities and to make sure that all students have a voice. For me, the greatest joy is for students to have a great college experience at MSU Denver.

Alex Horton
Major: Linguistics
Email: [email protected]


My name is Alex Horton I am a linguistics major and roughly in my junior year. I enjoy painting and travel photography. My plan in student government is to join programs in particular ways so students can conduct research projects, sustain resources, and provide for those who are in need at MSU. Ideally opening a space for our student body to prepare for grad school, potentially even provide the students and particular departments what they would need to open more grad programs here at MSU.

Chad Gouge
Major: Public Relations
Email: [email protected]


Chad Gouge (he/him/his) is currently a Junior here at MSU Denver studying public relations and leadership studies. Gouge joined the Air Force after completing high school outside of Austin, Texas. He spent six and a half years in active duty as a parachute rigger and continues his service as a Reservist. With this experience Gouge learned how to lead people to a common goal and has continued learning through his studies and the Urban Leadership Program at MSU Denver. He now wants to challenge himself with leadership that is in service to others, rather than a mission.

Chad Gouge moved to Colorado four years ago and enjoys all Colorado has to offer. He snowboards in the winter and goes backpacking in the spring and summer. Gouge is also a non-traditional student. He is a transfer student, married and a part time server/bartender at a restaurant in Littleton.

“I want to give a voice to the people in the back of the room and listen to all students at MSU. The squeaky wheel should not be the only wheel that gets the grease.” Gouge said.

This is Gouge’s first appearance in student elections, and he wants to serve you and make this University equitable and accessible for all its students.

Mike Warner
Major: Accounting
Email: [email protected]


Hi, my name is Mike Warner, and I am looking to represent Metropolitan State University. As the current Vice President of the Student Honors Council and current junior counselor at a youth leadership summer camp in Estes, I know the responsibilities of being a leader. If I am elected, I will work to improve the community engagement here on campus, meaning access to more fun events and activities, in addition to working to build a stronger relationship between our student government and our student body. If I’m elected, the second priority I will work on is to advocate for better learning conditions. Many of our buildings on campus suffer from faulty equipment or run-down infrastructure. It would be my prerogative to fix these issues.

I have the knowledge and the skills to get things done!

You know what’s right, vote for Mike!

Gabe Trujillo
Major: Psychology
Email: [email protected]


I am Gabe Trujillo (He, Him, His, El) a second-year psych student here at MSU Denver. I am a Brown, queer, immigrant, Latino student. I am a current TSAC member, and I am running for re-election. During this year, I brought in the handbooks and pushed for the council to create a structure. I also served as chair and helped create agendas and connections for the council. I also represented the council on the President’s Cabinet several times and participated in several committees such as Uncodupeers.

In my new term, I aim to bring more completed leadership opportunities to all students regardless of work authorization. I believe that everyone should be able to develop their leadership skills without any barriers. Although TSAC has had it challenges, we have seen the stipend model works. It allows people to get compensated regardless of their work authorization. Therefore, more students can have opportunities to develop skills that they might not have had a chance to do so before. Thus, I will aim for the stipend model to be implemented across campus, alongside work-study positions, so that all students have a chance to have leadership positions.

I also aim to be a resource to students and not only represent their diverse voices and opinions, but also uplift and empower them. Every student has a voice and should be allowed to use it. Especially in a diverse place like MSU Denver, students should not be left out of conversations that can highly impact them. I will also push for more money to go back to students and for fewer tuition increases to happen. If students have to pay more for their tuition and fees, then they should see that money go back to them in scholarships, grants, and resources.


Stephanie Didier
Major: Psychology
Email: [email protected]


My name is Stephanie Didier and I am running to be a representative of MSU Denver’s student population through TSAC. I am a first-generation Latinx woman pursuing a BS in psychology and a minor in criminal justice. My engagement on campus is spread across different communities such as the ULP program, TRIO, and 1st Generation Initiatives to name a few. With my previous experience in MSU’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council and Policy Advisory Council, I am sure to make an impact as a part of TSAC’s team! With all of this being said, my passion is people, and in specific an increase in well-being for all. Mental health concerns continue to be one of the leading issues for MSU Denver students. I am committed to tackling this trend through investigative and applicatory efforts. My main initiative for this upcoming academic year is to increase awareness of the mental health resources available to students on campus. This would be done through campus events, tabling, and other ventures. My passions also include increased awareness for Hispanic-identifying students, sustainability, and community involvement. I will be sure to work diligently with respective campus departments to ensure the correct work is being done to support my passions and the student population.


Sena Bryant
Major: Art & Minor in Political Science

Email: [email protected]


Hello! My name is Sena Bryant (she, her, hers) and I’m currently earning my Bachelors in Art with a minor in Political Science. This is my second year at MSU and I’m a transfer student from CCD, where I earned a Certificate in Graphic Design and my Associates of Applied Sciences in Graphic Design. Since 2019 I’ve worked as a graphic designer through the Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion and with the Marketing and Communications Department of Auraria.

These positions have given me a chance to connect with several MSU Denver students, organizations, and campus departments and really foster a relationship in helping them in reaching out to other Auraria campus students. I believe success in communities come from individual engagement and group leadership. As a lesbian Hispanic artist in Denver, I’ve created and promoted spaces for other queer artists to showcase and connect. Such as my work with The Quarter which is a BIPOC ran group that helps LGBTQ+ creatives and their allies of all skill levels and disciplines network and promote their talents. As your Student Trustee, I will use these skills and connections to bring more opportunities like these to MSU Denver students. I commit to growing and creating new relationships between students and TSAC so we can better serve you and others after you. I will encourage transparency, engagement, and inclusivity, so students feel empowered not only through the university but within their communities as well.

Ree Varcoe
Major: Clinical Behavior Health
Email: [email protected]


Hi, I’m Ree Varcoe! I am the mother of an MSU Denver undergrad student and a master’s degree candidate myself. A long time ago (in a state far, far away), I majored in Journalism at the University of Georgia. When I graduated, I spent younger years working in the Middle East as a writer and radio host, before having a family and moving to Middle Earth (specifically Shire country in New Zealand) for 13 years. My boys and I moved to Denver in 2015, so they could experience high school in their home country.

When my youngest son graduated from high school at the start of pandemic, I started to see how much families, and especially diverse communities, suffered during Covid. I chose to go back to school and believed MSU Denver’s Behavioral Health program would offer the chance for me to help people find mental resiliency during this difficult period. I work as a senior proposal writer at Kiewit Engineering Group, and the construction industry is rife with suicidality, for which I also hope to create and facilitate programming once I graduate in a couple of years.

Until then, I am very interested in hearing issues and working on solutions for you, my fellow students, as part of the Student Advocacy Council. I’ve always been a great listener and love working on new ideas with collaborations that create change. If you’ll vote for me, you’ll have my ear and my full effort!

Hayley Roy
Major: Hospitality Leader
Email: [email protected]


Jonatan Sanabria
Major: Political Science
Email: [email protected]


My name is Jonatan Sanabria, I have been a Colorado resident since coming here at the young age of 2. I am a Hispanic Mexican American 1st generation student who is majoring in Political Science as a junior. I am a 23-year-old male who came from humble beginnings. With a caring independent mother that raised two sons, having gone through poverty and dealing with everyday stress (that all of us go through), I can proudly say I have come a long way. Many people have helped me form a path in which I can walk upon and each of those people have my undying gratitude. My goal as a member for our community is to pave a road for you and future generations. I am a moderate that believes in obtaining all information from different sources to form an opinion and discuss with my peers for the best decision or compromise. I know faith in representatives is at a low across the world, but my slogan is “I am always serious so that you don’t have to be”.

Naomi Jacquez
email: [email protected]
Major: Biology

Meet the Candidates

Hello, my name is Naomi Jacquez, I am a Native American (Blackfoot) and Hispanic senior here at MSU and I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. I am a member of TRIO, CO-WY AMP and the Treasure of Native Indigenous Student Alliance (NISA). I strongly feel our native, indigenous students and their allies deserve more recognition and representation here at MSU. MSU unfortunately does not have an office specifically designated to them and I would love to make that happen. This is where we can have all matters for our students with this background or passion to come and get resources, help, or just information on things pertaining to them specifically. Some other goals are to get more involved with our native community volunteering and try to organize a research conference surrounding issues in the native and indigenous communities to help spread awareness and provide outlets for people to contribute support.