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Supplemental Questions & Diversity Statements

Develop a prompt and guidance around a potential supplemental question or required candidate diversity statement. Include question(s) on all job applications that ask about demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.


  • What does social justice mean to you? How do you incorporate this principle in your work?
  • Articulate your experience in advancing equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • When have you addressed injustice or inequity in your community?
  • Explain a time when a student spoke to you about an equity barrier they were facing and how you helped them address the situation?
  • When have you challenged a leader or policy that you felt was unjust? How did you address it?
  • How have you maintained or supported a diverse workforce?
  • Write about your experience of one of MSU Denver’s core values: Community, Access, Diversity, Respect, Entrepreneurship
  • What tools/techniques do you bring for promoting collaboration among underrepresented groups?

Assessment (Points 1-3) (Exceptional, Good, Marginal, Poor)
(3) Demonstrates an understanding and acceptance of equity, inclusion and diversity concepts, and that they are broader than just race, ethnicity, and gender.

(2) Demonstrates self-awareness, in terms of understanding their own culture, identity, biases, prejudices, power, privilege and stereotypes.

(2) Demonstrates willingness to challenge and change institutional practices that present barriers to different groups

(2) Able to provide concrete examples and/or experiences in these areas

(1) Infuses equity, inclusion and diversity concepts in response to questions not directly prompting for them

(1) Uses inclusive language.

(1) Shares successful experiences working with underrepresented populations

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