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Equitable Hiring Practices & Resources

The following information was compiled to address challenges within the hiring process for Student Affairs, to better address racial and other inequities that affect hiring, promotion and retention of staff from underrepresented backgrounds. The Student Affairs Branch expects that members of its hiring committees represent the diversity found on MSU Denver’s campus. After reviewing the committee's five charges listed on the menu to the left (or you can click here to download the full Equitable Hiring Practices Packet), your search committee is required to complete the three training and assessment videos on Canvas: Equitable Hiring Practices (11 min.), Implicit Bias in Searches (32 min.) and Professional Competency Areas and Evaluation (3 min).

With special thanks to the following employees for their tireless work on this project: Katia Campbell, Ally Garcia, Eric Silva, Bridgette Coble, Josh Gabrielson, Evelynn Guzman, Steve Willich, Amber Mozet, Chalane Lechuga, Adrienne Martinez, Jeremy VanHooser, Kate Bolos, Sophia Montano, Tanya Rogowsky, Araceli Cortez, Thomas Hernandez.

Equity Definition

The work towards an equitable institution is to build a community where a person’s identities are valued and celebrated and systems of power, privilege, and oppression are disrupted and replaced with systems in which everyone belongs, participates, engages, and thrives. In action, this is achieved through the intentional shaping of beliefs, values, practices, and policies and the sharing of power. Pursuing equity means applying this knowledge and creating effective and sustainable counter measures. 

MSU Denver assumes the ongoing responsibility to be informed about and respond to the realities that adversely impact our campus community's experiences and outcomes.  We do this by acknowledging and learning from current and historical systemic inequities and how we reinforce these inequities in our beliefs, values, practices, and policies. Pursuing equity means applying this knowledge and creating effective and sustainable counter measures. 

Equity in action starts and works through us. 

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