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Phase 1

JAN | FEB | MAR - 2019

Getting Started

JAN-FEB 2019

  • Establish Strategic Planning Team.
  • Select consultant to provide independent perspective and support SPT.


MAR 2019

  • Finalized questions for internal facilitation groups
  • Implemented online stakeholder engagement forms
  • Created online idea catcher
  • Launched Strategic Plan website
  • Implemented Sharepoint site for committee members
  • Strategic Plan Fact Sheet created


Phase 2

APR | MAY | JUN | JUL - 2019

Data Gathering and Engagement

APR 2019

  • Kickoff meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee
  • Discussion of questions and appreciative inquiry
  • SPT is introduced and aligned on their role and expectations in student, staff and faculty data collection
  • Facilitation overview
  • External outreach begins
  • Launch and Learn with State Demographer Elizabeth Garner
  • Engaged with Washington DC thought leaders
  • Engaged with MSU Denver Community Cabinet

MAY 2019 

  • Two Townhall Meetings
  • Launch and Learn with Tami Door of the Downtown Denver Partnership
  • SPT Monthly team meeting- dialogue on trends emerging
  • The SPT engages with over 50 groups on campus reaching over 500 people
    • The 51 groups included:
      Student athletics
      Financial Aid & Scholarships
      Career Services
      Chemistry Department
      Industrial Design
      Undergraduate Studies
      Class of 1st year students
      Chicano/a Studies Africana Studies
      Business Intelligence
  • External outreach questions drafted and finalized
  • Prosono begins engaging with external stakeholders

JUN 2019

  • External outreach survey drafted and finalized by chairs and SPT 
  • Human Centered Design approach is reviewed by the SPT
  • External survey is built electronically
  • SPT Subcommittees are created
  • Preparation for 25/25/25 Town Halls begins
  • Future Trends prospectus is drafted

JUL 2019

  • Facilitation with the Foundation Board


Phase 3

AUG | SEP - 2019

Making Sense of the issues

AUG-SEP 2019

  • Use gathered data to agree on four to six strategic themes.
  • Draft concept papers on themes to share at the Sept. 23 Vision Conference


Phase 4

OCT | NOV | DEC - 2019

Vision Building

OCT - DEC 2019

  • Review and refine themes and create preferred vision statement.


Phase 5

JAN | FEB | MAR - 2020

Goals Creation

JAN - MAR 2020

  • Goals conference Feb. 14
  • Work with strategic-plan implementors (AVPs, associate deans, directors, etc.) to create goals.
  • Present strategic plan to senior leadership, Cabinet and Board of Trustees.

Phase 6

APR | MAY | JUN - 2020


APR - JUN 2020

  • Assign champions for each planning theme to create action plans and timelines for milestones.
  • Develop framework for VP of Strategy to provide updates on goal completion and assessment.


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