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Task Force Members


James Simmons
Faculty Member, Aviation & Aerospace Science

Luis Torres
Deputy Provost, Academic Student Affairs



Layton Curl
Chair, Department of Psychology (LAS)

Joan Foster
Dean, School of Letters Arts & Sciences

Debbie Gilliard
Chair, Department of Management (SCob)

Winston Grady-Willis
Chair, Department of African/African American Studies (LAS)

Madison Holloway
Chair (previous), Faculty Senate, RTP Committee

Elizabeth Kleinfeld
Faculty Member, Department of English (LAS)

Kishore Kulkarni
Faculty Member, Department of Economics (SCoB)

Ruth Ann Nyhus
Chair, Department of Human Performance and Sport (SPS)

Lisa Ortiz
Chair (current), Faculty Senate, RTP Committee

David Ruch
Faculty Member, Department of Math

Sheila Rucki
Chair, Faculty Senate, Faculty Welfare Committee

Jane Chapman-Vigil
Interim Director, Center for Faculty Development

Peter Vigil
Facuilty Member, Department of Teacher Education

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