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Observation Hours and Logs

You must have 25 guided observation hours with an ASHA certified SLP, prior to the start of the SLHS 4550 Speech Pathology Assistant Methods course/internship.  If you have not completed 25 guided observation hours when applying, you will need to provide a plan for how you will complete the hours as well as a timeline for completion.

  • The guided?observation and direct client/patient contact hours (e.g. the individual receiving services must be present) must be within the?ASHA?Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology?and must be under the supervision of a clinician who holds current ASHA certification in the appropriate profession and who, after earning the CCC-SLP,?has completed (1) a minimum of 9 months of post-certification, full-time experience and (2) a minimum of 2 hours of professional development in the area of clinical instruction/supervision. Observations must be recorded in hours in 15 minute increments (15 minutes = .25 hours).  - 

If you need additional hours to reach the required 25 hours, also provide a plan of how you will be completing the remaining hours.  

  • You can observe any ASHA certified SLPs using the above guidelines 
  • We offer virtual guided observation hours through Master Clinician Network (MCN, You must register as a Student ($45 annual membership fee), and create a profile associated with your MSUDenver ID.  If you have questions about this option please email the SLHS Department Administrative Assistant, Shannnon Harris, at

In your application include an Guided Observation Log of how many observation hours are completed with signatures from the supervising clinician.  If you are coming from another university your observation log must include: date of observation, printed name of clinician, signature of clinician, ASHA number of clinician, clinician contact information (email & phone number preferred), location of observation, service observed, population observed, direct contact time. 

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