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Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Certificate Options

The Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Department at MSU Denver offers two different certificates:

MSU Denver welcomes students who already have a bachelor’s degree, yet wish to pursue a career in audiology (AUD) or speech-language pathology (SLP). Clinical certification for SLP or AUD requires a graduate degree, and acceptance into graduate school is competitive. Admission is enhanced if students successfully complete our 25-credit leveling certificate, a series of eight undergraduate SLHS courses.

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This certificate allows students with a prior bachelor’s degree to gain the competencies required by the Colorado Department of Education to be authorized as a speech-language pathology assistant (SLP-A). During the final semester of the program, students complete SLHS 4550 (Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Methods). SLHS 455012 is composed of a 3-credit online seminar & 4-credit public-school SLP-A internship; students intern for 180 hours under the direction of an ASHA-certified SLP.

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