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Are you confused about the delivery type of your SLHS course?

SLHS Course Delivery Options

  • On Campus delivery means you will only have face-to-face class sessions on campus. At this time, based off of student input the SLHS Department is not offering any face-to-face only course options.
  • Hybrid delivery means that you will have a combination of face-to-face and online course work in the same course. This schedule is specific to your course so make sure you are aware of the dates for the required face-to-face meetings.  When you are in a hybrid course, please see course notes to check the requirements for your hybrid course.
  • Fully online delivery means you will be taking your courses in an online format which have activities, readings, assignments, videos, and other tasks required in your course that you do on your own time while meeting the expected due dates and times.
    • Synchronous Online Delivery is a specific type of online course which have activities that occur with others at a scheduled time but that are accessible to you online. This means that you will use Microsoft Teams meeting software to communicate and meet with your class and instructor at a specified time in order to complete required course expectations. When you are in an online course, please see course notes to check synchronous requirements for your online course. When you are in an online course, make sure to check the synchronous requirements for your class to make sure you understand the time and day you are required to attend via Microsoft Teams. Your instructor will let you know the exact requirements when class starts.

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