MSU Denver

SLHS 4350 Application - Required Components

  1. Personal contact information: name, phone number and email.
  2. Semester and year applying for SLPA consideration
  3. Paragraph on your professional goals, including how they relate to working as an SLPA, as well as your experience working with children.
  4. Essential functions ratings
    • This course requires you to complete a demanding internship in a fast-paced environment in which you will engage with diverse students and school personnel.  We require that you evaluate your professional skills, identifying areas that you believe are personal strengths as well as areas that are more challenging for you.  Professional skills include:
      • Interpersonal communication skills
      • Ability to work independently
      • Ability to work in teams/collaboratively
      • Self-motivation/perseverance towards goals
      • Time management skills including punctuality
      • Organizational skills
      • Problem-solving skills
      • Responsiveness to feedback
  5. Internship Placement
    • Three preferred school districts and student age groups. 
      • Internship placements can be arranged in the following districts:  Denver Public Schools; Brighton (27J) School District; Jeffco Public Schools; Douglas County Public Schools and Cherry Creek Public Schools.  Boulder County school district does not accept SLPA interns.  If you are requesting a district not listed, you may contact your district of choice (special education department) to see if they can provide the contact for the district speech/language pathologist team lead.  The SLPA instructor will also help facilitate out-of-district placements, but cannot guarantee placements outside of our preferred partnerships.  If you know a school-based SLP whom you would like as your supervisor, provide the name and contact information to your course instructor. To be placed in an internship, students will need to complete a background check in line with district policies. 
    • List days/times available for internship hours
      • Remember, you should plan on being at your internship site for two full school days per week.
  6. Completed observation logs.
    • You must have 25 guided observation hours with an ASHA certified SLP, prior to the start of the course/internship.  If you have not completed 25 guided observation hours when applying, you will need to provide a plan for how you will complete the hours as well as a timeline for completion.
      • Guided observation and direct client/patient contact hours (e.g. the individual receiving services must be present) must be within the ASHA Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and must be under the supervision of a clinician who holds current ASHA certification in the appropriate profession and who, after earning the CCC-SLP, has completed (1) a minimum of 9 months of post-certification, full-time experience and (2) a minimum of 2 hours of professional development in the area of clinical instruction/supervision. Observations must be recorded in hours in 15 minute increments (15 minutes = .25 hours).  – 
  7. Contact information for two references including name, phone number, and email address as well as how long and in what capacity you worked with each reference.
    • As transcripts are examined for academic abilities, recommendations from university faculty are not accepted.  An exception is made if a faculty member could comment on specific work behaviors and/or professional interactions (e.g. research interns).
  8. Transcripts and GPA Requirement
    • Transcripts
      • For current MSU Denver students, a degree progress report will be reviewed. 
      • Non-MSU Denver students applying for consideration must submit official transcripts from all US colleges/universities attended.  Transcripts must be sent DIRECTLY from the university/college you attended to the SLHS administrative assistant, Shannon Harris ([email protected]).  For foreign colleges/universities attended, the transcript must be evaluated by a U.S. foreign transcript service.  The foreign transcript evaluation must be sent DIRECTLY from the university/college you attended to the SLHS administrative assistant, Shannon Harris ([email protected]). Transcripts must be received prior to the application deadline.  Transcripts received after the application deadline will render your application incomplete, and therefore will not be considered.
    • GPA Requirement
      • Students must have earned a grade of C or better in all SLHS pre-requisite coursework (Please see Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences SLPA Certificate Advising Guide 2021-2022), with a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Non-MSU Denver students should complete all pre-requisite coursework prior to application deadline to strengthen their application.  For current MSU Denver students who have courses in progress by application deadline, a grade-to-date will be requested of instructors and factored into GPA calculations. 

SLP-A Qualtrics Application