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Faculty Learning Community on Supporting Learning in Students with Autism

The faculty learning community (FLC) on supporting students with autism started in Fall 2019. It was funded by MSU Denver Center for Teaching, Learning, and Design (CTLD).

Pictured is two men and six women that are listening to Dr. Santhanam teach the faculty learning community on supporting learning in students with autism.

What did we do as part of this FLC?

We met once a month across two semesters to learn about autistic adults, their strengths and their challenges as it relates to navigating post-secondary environments.  We learned about the role of disability accomidations, our roles, responsibilities, and rights as faculty and staff, and disabilities laws and policies for adults with disibilities in college.  Click here for strategies to learn how you can support an autiostic student both within and outside the classroom.

Come listen to our panel of presenters at the MSU Denver Professional Development Conference 2020.

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