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The Integrated Supports for Students with Autism in College (ISSAC) Program

The ISSAC program focuses on supporting adults with autism in achieving academic success, developing meaningful relationships, and attaining competitive employment. 


Warm Greetings! Welcome to the Spring 2021 semester!

Students on the autism spectrum may need specialized supports to be successful in their college education and beyond. At the Department of Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences, the Integrated Supports for Students with Autism in College (ISSAC) program offers a support- and strengths-based programming for students on the autism spectrum at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Who can enroll: This program is currently offered for students registered in any undergraduate or graduate major at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Cost: There is currently no cost for enrollment or services. 

Focus: We focus on creating: 

  • a supportive and meaningful college experience for our students
  • opportunities to engage in communication and social interactions with peers
  • opportunities to develop independent self-advocacy skills for college navigation 
  • opportunities to practice time management and organization during our students' time in college
  • opportunities to practice job interviews and work-related communication

Services/Support: We offer:

  • one-on-one peer interactions/peer support
  • group-based conversations with autistic and non-autistic peers
  • group-based interactions through online gaming
Program Director: 
Siva priya Santhanam, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Contact email: Please contact us at or Dr. Santhanam at  To enroll for Fall 2020, please complete the intake packet here.

Schedule for Fall 2020:

  • Sessions start on February 16, 2021.
  • All ISSAC sessions will occur virtually through Microsoft Teams.

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