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The Department of Speech, Language Hearing Sciences (SLHS) offers Bachelor of Arts Degrees in SLHS.

Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences majors can prepare for a graduate degree in either:

Speech-language Pathology


Students may also minor in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Additionally, the SLHS program offers two certificates: 

SLHS Leveling 

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant 


SLHS Departmental Mission Statement

Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences:  Undergraduate Program

Our departmental mission is to continue the tradition of providing a diverse urban population with a comprehensive degree program that converges knowledge of communication and its disorders with everyday applications. 

Our program is centered around three core values:

  • Provide an affordable and accessible gateway to employment or post-graduate study in speech-language pathology, audiology, or other allied-health professions.
  • Blend foundational coursework with applied learning experiences.
  • Recognize and value the expansive influence of communication and its disorders/differences across the lifespan on individual and collective experiences.

Our vision is to educate graduates to value and advocate for communication access across all abilities and identities.


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