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Minor in Social Work

The Social Work Minor is designed for students interested in augmenting their major with social work courses. Graduates with a Minor in Social Work are not considered social workers. However, employers may value the minor, particularly if the student is pursuing a career in a helping field.

Students must formally apply to the minor. Please contact our Welcome Desk at 303-615-0555 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. If you have any questions, please email

Social Work Minor Advising Chart

Social Work Minor Required Courses - 18 credits

These courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better

  • SWK 1010 - Introduction to Social Work (3 credits)
    • Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • SWK 1600 - Community Engagement & Civic Responsibility (3 credits) §
    • Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • SWK 3120 - Privilege, Oppression & Power (3 credits)
    • Semesters Offered: Spring and Summer
  • SWK 3410 - Generalist Practice I
    • Semesters Offered: Fall Only
  • Upper Division SWK Elective (3 credits)
    • Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • Upper Division SWK Elective (3 credits)
    • Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer

§ Requires approximately 3 hours/week of volunteer work for a total of 45 hours per semester

The following electives have been approved by the Department of Social Work. Please note - not all electives will be offered every semester. If there is a term listed in parenthesis after the elective title, that indicates the semester we can guarantee that a course will be offered. It may be offered during other semesters as well. Make sure to check the course schedule for the current semester to see all electives being offered.

  • SWK 3010 - Social Work Practice with Children and Youth (Fall)
  • SWK 3020 - Case Management Practice
  • SWK 3030 - Social Work with Older People (Spring)
  • SWK 3040 - Creative Approaches to Change (Fall)
  • SWK 3070 - Environmental Justice in Social Work (Spring)
  • SWK 3080 - Social Work with Families (Spring)
  • SWK 3100 - Child Welfare and the Law (Spring, Summer)
  • SWK 3110 - Social Justice and Activism in the Chicana/o Community (Multicultural)
  • SWK 3130 - Social Work and Criminal Justice Issues (Fall)
  • SWK 3150 - Social Work and Child Maltreatment (Fall, Summer)
  • SWK 3400 - Leadership and Program Administration in Social Work (Spring)
  • SWK 3500 - Social Work Practice with LGBTQ People (Spring)
  • SWK 3550 - Social Work with Grief and Loss
  • SWK 39AA (Spring 2021)/SWK 3590 - Centering Black Experience
  • SWK 3600 - Gender in Social Work Practice (Fall)
  • SWK 3660 - Poverty, Race, and Gender
  • SWK 4160 - Human Trafficking
  • SWK 4250 - Exploring Current Social Work Issues (Fall)
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