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MSW Program: Accepted with Stipulation

Mandatory Prerequisite Requirement

Terms of Stipulation

This stipulation has generated a registration hold on your student account. The registration hold will be lifted after proof of registration for all missing prerequisites is received by the Office of Social Work Student Services. You do not need to complete all missing prerequisites to have the registration hold lifted from your account, however prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of MSW Program courses in Fall 2021.

The stipulation will be lifted after the student submits official transcripts to demonstrate successful completion (grade of "C" or above or adequate test score) of required prerequisite(s) to This must be completed prior to starting the MSW Program in Fall 2021. Students who are missing one or more mandatory prerequisite at the beginning of the Fall semester may be dismissed from the MSW Program, placed on a revised academic plan, or forced to defer their acceptance.

If you believe a course you have already completed would fulfill a missing prerequisite requirement, please email with the institution the course was taken at, the course name and number, a course description, and the prerequisite you believe it should count for. We will review the course description and let you know if it meets our requirements.

Required Next Steps

  1. A registration hold has been added to your account. You will not be able to register for MSW Program classes until you have provided proof of registration for each missing prerequisite. Please email proof of registration to
  2. Visit this resource page for additional information.
  3. Provide proof of successful completion to the Office of Social Work Student Services by emailing prior to the start of the Fall 2021 semester.

2021 Admissions Cycle MSW Program Prerequisite Requirement & Completion Options

If you would like to take any missing prerequisites at MSU Denver, please contact for more information

Important Note About Ordering Transcripts

If you are ordering your transcripts and select to send them to a school, you may be forced to choose from a list of schools and will not be able to enter the Office of Social Work Student Services email or mailing address. If this is the situation, do not select MSU Denver as this will have your materials sent to MSU Denver Office of Admissions. Instead, you should select to send the transcripts to a third party at which point you should be able to directly enter our information. Sending to a third party and directly entering the email or physical address you want them sent to should be an option at all institutions. We have had transcripts from schools across the U.S. sent to our office via our email and mailing address.

Transcripts can be submitted in one of the following methods. Please do not submit any materials to the Office of Admissions at MSU Denver. Failure to submit using one of the optiosn below may result in a delay in processing your transcripts.

Note: we are encouraging all transcripts to be submitted electronically to Due to campus restrictions, our receipt of physical transcripts sent via mail will be significantly delayed.

  • Submit Transcripts Electronically (Preferred Method): Request official transcripts be sent electronically to 
  • Submit Transcripts by Mail: Request official transcripts be sent by mail to
    Metropolitan State University of Denver
    Department of Social Work
    Attn: Office of Social Work Student Services
    PO Box 173362 CB 70
    Denver, CO 80217-3362
  • Due to campus restrictions, our office is not currently open for visitors and we cannot accept transcripts dropped off in person.

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Office of Social Work Student Services
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Metropolitan State University of Denver
Department of Social Work
PO Box 173362 CB 70
Denver, CO 80217-3362


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Our MSW and BSSW Programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education - the sole accrediting body for social work education.