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SWK 3350 Social Work Experience: Practice and Communication

Welcome to your junior year volunteer agency experience


Welcome to the Social Work Experience course!  This course is a requirement in the fall semester of your junior year in the Social Work Program, and must be taken alongside your Generalist Practice 1 course.  

Social Work Experience: Practice and Communication is a 3-credit course:

  • 2 credits for the weekly class meetings, and
  • 1 credit for the agency volunteer experience.

You will meet as a class on-campus for 2 hours or online every week to discuss readings and to integrate your coursework with your agency experience.  The focus of this course is to develop as a social work professional - attending to professional roles and boundaries, examining your personal and professional values, developing effective written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, demonstrating interpersonal skills, and practicing personal reflection and self-correction. 

You will have the opportunity to focus on these areas by completing 60 hours of volunteer service  in a community agency whose focus in providing human/social services.

SWK 3350 Guidelines for selecting and agency 2019 - Handout for students

All students in this course must secure an agency to complete their 60 hours of volunteer service BEFORE the start of the Fall semester. The Applied Learning Center on the Auraria Campus has a database of agencies that may be suitable for this class. Please contact the Applied Learning Center, if you have trouble accessing the agency database. 

Throughout the Spring and Summer, a member of the Field Office, along with a representative of the Applied Learning Center, will be hosting mandatory online information sessions. You must sign up for one information session to provide a more detailed orientation on how to access the agency database, and to provide more information on this class and the requirements.  


Information Session Sign-Up


Agency Information Form

Once you have accepted a volunteer position in an agency, you must complete the online Agency Acceptance Form. The Field Office will then confirm your volunteer posititon with your agency supervisor and provide them with additional details about the SWK 3350 class. You must complete this form no later than Saturday August 24th, 2019. 

If you have any questions, please email Karina Benabe at 


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