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School Social Work License Overview

MSU Denver's MSW Program curriculum has been approved by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to offer curriculum towards the special services license endorsed in school social work. There are special and additional requirements that must be met during and beyond the MSW degree. Please use this resource as a guide. For questions or more information, please visit the CDE website.

TEE (temporary educator eligibility authorization) Application

If you have a job lined up or are presently employed in a Colorado public school district or charter school as a school social worker yet still need to meet the coursework requirements, or if you need to take and pass a Colorado State Boad of Education-approved school social work exam (either PLACE 47 or the ASWB), you will need to complete and submit a TEE (temporary educator eligibility authorization) Application. Upon approval, this authorization will allow you to serve as a school social worker while you pursue the coursework or pass the content exam. Your employing school district and the college/university through which you are completing the coursework will need to sign the TEE authorization form, which you will include in the application along with copies of your bachelor's and master's degree transcripts. (If you need only the content exam, you may leave section B of the form blank and upload a copy of your exam registration instead.)

CDE Application and Form Verification Process

To start the application process, visit the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) at

Students who are applying for school social work licensure and are needing to obtain signatures on official forms for the licensure process should submit forms to the Associate Director Office of Social Work Student Services, Bailee Bannon Murray, at

School Social Work Jobs

The Colorado School Mental Health Advisory Council has created a School Psychology and School Social Work Available Positions Matrix to help potential candidates locate available jobs in the state. The matrix includes available positions for school psychologists and school social workers in Colorado with additional details regarding the positions (location, number, contact person, application instructions, etc.). Because the matrix is voluntary, it might not encompass all the available positions in the state, but it will update automatically as districts/AU/facilities post their available positions.

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Our MSW and BSSW Programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education - the sole accrediting body for social work education.