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Department of Social Work Faculty & Staff Resources

Thank you for visiting this page, which is intended to answer your questions and provide resources about things that might require logistical and budget support. Feel free to look around here and email Melissa Grogan Gore, Administrative and Financial Services Coordinator, at if any of it requires further explanation!

Affiliate Faculty Handbook

Have you completed your application and uploaded your CV?

Have you taken the required affiliate survey?

  • If not, please click here to complete the survey

ONCE YOU'VE BEEN HIRED - Onboarding Requirements

  1. Register for a "new affiliate faculty orientation" at If for some reason you are unable to attend one of the scheduled sessions, email Angela Roberts in Human Resources to set up an individual sessoin:
  2. Print and fill out the new hire packet, make sure to print single sided.
  3. Complete your portion of the Federal Form I-9 (instructions are in the new hire packet) electronically - click here to access this form.
  4. Once you have registed for Orientation, please email Melissa Grogan Gore, Administrative and Financial Services Coordinator, at and share that you are a new hire and you have registered for orientation with your scheduled date of attendance. You may email Melissa at any time with questions about the process!

Office Supplies, Book Orders, and Purchases Under $100

Contact the Welcome Desk Coordinator, Kayla Duensing, at or 303-615-0555

Travel Purchases, Registrations, and Memberships

Contact the Administrative and Financial Services Coordinator, Melissa Grogan Gore, at or 303-605-7037

Non-Travel Purchases over $100

Complete the Qualtrics Survey to request the purchase, indicating if this is or is not an urgent request. Please discuss all requests with your supervisor proir to filling out this form. Requests will be reviewed quarterly by the Department Chair and the Director of Student Services, Administration, and Finance unless deemed "urgent". Urgent classification is reserved for needs that impact your ability to perform the duties of your job effectively.

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