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Whether you want to change the world you live in or more fully explore the whole concept of humanity, these compelling courses will show the way.

News programs often talk about our ‘broken society’, but what exactly does that mean? MSU Denver’s Sociology program seeks to understand everyday societal problems by studying the cultural, ideological, economic and political contexts of human action. Students will gain real insights into how factors such as race, gender and religion impact the way we live. And since the best way to understand this complex subject is to apply it, we offer internships in a range of interesting settings that often act as a springboard for future employment.

Our Anthropology program incorporates the topic’s four traditional subfields – cultural, biological and linguistic anthropology, and archaeology. Students are given the conceptual and methodological tools to effectively study both ancient and modern human communities. And since you can’t really learn about humans without getting out the classroom, this course features local field experiences and study programs in countries such as Costa Rica, Italy and Japan.

Career Prospects

Here’s where a Sociology or Anthropology degree might take you:
Education, government, market research, human resources, cultural resource management, museum curation, archiving and conservation.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employment of anthropologists is expected to grow 4 percent from 2014 to 2024. In 2015, the median pay was $61,220.

Our Program Options

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